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    GIMP Basics [Tutorial]

    The Last God
    The Last God

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    GIMP Basics [Tutorial]

    Post by The Last God on 31/7/2009, 10:05 am

    In this thread you will find the most basic tutorials to help you get accustomed to GIMP. The majority of these tutorials are not signature related, they are more focused on getting you confident with GIMP.

    1.GIMP Basics
    2.The GIMP User Interface
    3.Resizing an Image in GIMP
    4.Rotate/Scale/Crop Images
    5.Using the Layer Mask
    6.Drop Shadows
    7.Using the Path Tool
    8.Quick GIMP Mask Tutorial
    9.Red Eye Removal
    10.Straight Lines
    11.Change Hair Color
    12.Change Eye Color
    13.GIMP Align Tool
    14.GIMP Signature Tutorial
    15.How to Make a Simple Banner
    16.Intelligent Scissors Background Removal
    17.How to use the Rectangle Tool
    18.How to use the Color & Fuzzy Select Tools
    19.Move Tool
    20.Text Tool
    21.Mastering GIMP- Selecting Colours, Bucket Fill & Cropping
    22.How to make a Gradient
    23.How to add Brushes in GIMP
    24.How to Open & Save a New Document
    25.Layers- The Basics
    26.How to Edit an Image in GIMP
    27.How to Blend Images
    28.How to Create Web 2.0 Graphics

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