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    Ranger Information

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    Ranger Information Empty Ranger Information

    Post by Brentt on 20/7/2009, 6:58 pm

    Ranger - time!
    Here it is:

    Basic Ranger Info

    Subclass of: Gunner
    Unique Look: Cigarette in mouth
    Weapon(s) of choice: Revolver
    Armor Mastery: Leather
    Physical/Magical Damage: Physical
    Ranged/Close Quarters: Ranged
    PVM/PVP: More PVP oriented than PVE
    Specialty Element(s): None
    Party Support: None

    Ranger Skills

    Note: Rangers gain access to higher ranks of the Gunner skill High-Angle Sliding.

    Revolver Fanning:
    Passive skill. Increases the attack speed and probability of a bullet piercing the enemy while using a Revolver. It will not have an effect if the Ranger uses any other type of weapon.

    Revolver Loading:
    Decreases the lag time after a Ranger uses his fourth shot while using a revolver.

    Moving Windmill:
    If Moving Windmill is learned, the Ranger can move a certain amount while using Windmill. Without it, all Gunners are immobile while using Windmill.

    Rapid Fire:
    A drastically increased form of the Gunner's normal attack, accentuated by a blurring effect on the Gunner's hands. It takes MP just to shoot faster. It is required combo called zalzalri Rangers combo After "babacue" hit 3 times use fastest gun to hit 3 more and hit by cancel headshot!

    When a Ranger is hit by an attack, there is a probability that the Ranger will not be knocked back or up or down, but will remain standing and fire a bullet. For about a second after Revenger is activated, the Ranger is invulnerable.

    Gun Guard:
    There is a probability that the Ranger will use his guns as a makeshift shield to reduce damage from projectile attacks (does not activate for close-range attacks). The probability is only 5% to begin with, but increases at 5% per level, until 50% at rank 10.

    The Gunner concentrated power in his gun and fires a powerful shot that has a higher basic damage, higher chance of critical hit, and much less chance of missing.

    Cancel Headshot:
    Allows the Ranger to cancel his basic attack motion and fire a Headshot.

    Western Fire:
    The Ranger turns around and fires a Headshot behind him. Western Fire does 120% the damage of a normal Headshot.

    Death By Revolver:
    Buff skill. When activated, it deals additional damage if the ranger uses a revolver to attack and makes critical hit. Lasts 20 seconds.

    Blink to Death:
    The Ranger turns blues and jumps and fire bullets to enemies nearby (the shooting pose is similar to Nansa), the enemy hit by the bullet will freeze for long time.

    The Ranger holds out his guns in front of him in a "patty-cake" position. In this position, the Ranger can fire while moving around. While the Ranger is in Strafe mode, MP is constantly used up.

    Enemies Behind You:
    Allows the Ranger to turn 180 degrees while in Strafe mode.

    Nansa (Deadly Multi-shot):
    Ranger shoots bullets doing a swift dance using his arms, shooting enemies in all directions.

    Awakening Skills

    At level 48, the Ranger can awaken as a Desperado.

    Sudden Death:
    Passive skill. When using Headshot or some other skill, there is a slim chance that the enemy, regardless of whether it is a regular enemy or a boss, will die instantaneously. The probability is dependent on skill level and the max HP of the enemy (the higher the max HP, the lower the probability).

    Scud Genocide:
    The Ranger performs a quick spin, knocking all enemies next to him into the air, fires a hail of bullets in front of him at a speed capable of juggling the enemy atop the bullets, spins, repeats the motion, spins, kicks his guns upward, then floats into the air, grabs the guns, turns upside down, and fires downward while spinning. All enemies that take lethal damage via Scud Genocide turn bright crimson while the move is being executed; when the Ranger finishes his mid-air head spin, he lands, snaps his fingers, and all crimson enemies explode. The Ranger can move around while performing the move, and if he has learned the skill 'Enemies Behind You,' he can turn around while performing the move.

    Again, I simply posted this information from the Spitfire page at DNFwiki.

    Small - and I mean small - changes were made to the information; to see the original details, visit the Ranger page at DNFwiki.

    It's been said that DNFwiki is outdated; this was posted to simply give you an idea and information.

    Thanks for reading (if you were)!

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    Ranger Information Empty Re: Ranger Information

    Post by lilzabu on 19/9/2009, 1:03 pm

    what about a build for a ranger im scare imma mess up my skills im lvl 18 right now can u help me?
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    Ranger Information Empty Re: Ranger Information

    Post by Brentt on 20/9/2009, 12:50 am

    lilzabu wrote:what about a build for a ranger im scare imma mess up my skills im lvl 18 right now can u help me?
    Sorry, I'm not expert with Ranger.

    I only made this thread to give information from the source. Doesn't mean I completely understand the subclass.
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    Ranger Information Empty Re: Ranger Information

    Post by velex on 23/10/2009, 3:25 pm

    "Scud Genocide sounds cool
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    Ranger Information Empty Re: Ranger Information

    Post by Konishi on 24/10/2009, 7:36 pm

    velex wrote:"Scud Genocide sounds cool
    Doesn't exist in current DFO.

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    Ranger Information Empty Re: Ranger Information

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