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    Various problems logging into Arad

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    Various problems logging into Arad Empty Various problems logging into Arad

    Post by ZandarEagle on 5/5/2010, 8:31 am

    I can enter the game, but I can only get into the Beginner channel. Trying to join any other channel boots me off the game

    I do get an Error 20000 when I log into the game, but I can get into the Beginner channel fine. After that is when the problems start.

    I've tried various solutions that I've found here and on the Net, including logging off and logging on, using the https version of the site, and other possible fixes. They all don't work. One thing I have noticed though is that if I log on without PacketIX, I don't get the Error 20000 or 20015 (of course, I can't play because of the IP block, but I can get into the server selection screen)

    So I figured that I would try turning on PacketIX when I'm already "inside" so to speak. What happens? Program crashes, my whole computer restarts! (((

    I read in another thread to use HSS instead of PacketIX, but that doesn't work too well for me.

    Anyone have any possible solutions? The only things I can think of right now are :

    1. Use HSS and fiddle around with it until things work

    2. Use a new version of Packet IX or an alternate server connection (I'm using 2.0)

    I even thought of using a Your Freedom Japanese server until I realized they don't have any Japanese servers.

    I'm really at my wits end here...spent like 3 days (I'm not joking) trying to find a way to play DFO and Arad Senki (I live in Singapore, so I get dual IP blocked...) I'd much rather play Arad because of the greater amount of content and the fact I can speak Japanese, but it seems that if these problems persist I'll end up having to use YF to play DFO.


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