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    Any "General" Signature's out there?

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    Any "General" Signature's out there? Empty Any "General" Signature's out there?

    Post by Copain on 4/4/2010, 2:27 pm

    We'll I've taken a bit of a look around and noticed some great art here, but most of the "signature" types I've found always have names/levels on them.

    Now I know people like to make custom signatures and like to show off their work (putting your name somewhere on it that doesn't take the whole part up isn't that bad), but sometimes it makes it un-able for others with no talent like myself to use them =/.

    An example of what I'm talking about:
    Any "General" Signature's out there? Berserker

    I would like to see more images like this, but it doesn't seem many people make this, and take all the cool images and place their names all over it... defeating the purpose of letting others who like their art to show it off to others by spreading it around.

    Soooo, I guess I'm basically asking for more cool signature photo's that aren't just weighed down with "I MADE THIS I MADE THIS I MADE THIS" in big letters xD..

    EDIT: Better example;
    Any "General" Signature's out there? Berserker-1

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