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    Mechanic Information

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    Mechanic Information Empty Mechanic Information

    Post by Brentt on 20/7/2009, 6:46 pm

    Information about Mechanic now.
    Here it is:

    Basic Mechanic Info

    Subclass of: Gunner
    Unique Look: Pet robot hovering over shoulder
    Weapon(s) of choice: Repeater, Bowgun
    Armor Mastery: Cloth
    Physical/Magical Damage: Magical
    Ranged/Close Quarters: Both
    PVM/PVP: Both
    Specialty Element(s): None
    Party Support: Very slight

    Mechanic Skills

    Note: Mechanics gain access to higher ranks of the Gunner skill Robot RX-78 Landrunner.

    Robot EZ-8 Countdown:
    A stationary time bomb placed at the feet of the Mechanic that explodes after three seconds or when detonated with Robots Explosion.

    Landrunner of Crisis:
    A passive skill that gives a base percentage chance to spawn an RX-78 Landrunner upon being hit by an enemy. The chance increases as the skill level does.

    Robot EZ-8 Countdown (Extension):
    Drops an EZ-8 Countdown with a 10 second timer instead of 3 seconds. Triggers the cooldown of "Robot EZ-8 Countdown". This skill only has one level.

    Temporarily increases the damage and mobility of the Mechanic's robots, as well as the intelligence of the Mechanic slightly.

    Robots Explosion:
    Emits a circular radio wave around the Mechanic that detonates any RX-78 Landrunners or EZ-8 Countdowns within it. As this skill raises in levels, the diameter of the circle increases.

    Puts the Mechanic and nearby party-mates in a state of invisibility for a short period of time.

    Robot EX-S Viper:
    Drops a stationary turret that shoots bullets about a screen's distance to the left or right (depending on the direction the Mechanic faces when he casts it), then eventually explodes and damages nearby enemies. Requires 1 Piece of Clear Cube to cast. Won't detonate with Robots Explosion.

    Robot Tempester:
    Creates a flying robot that shoots bullets and occasional rockets at your enemies. Requires 1 Piece of Clear Cube to cast.

    A plane drops robots that detonate upon landing over a large area. Has a chance of dropping robots that behave like Robot RX-78 Landrunner that will either damage enemies, heal an ally's HP, or heal an ally's MP. Requires 2 Pieces of Clear Cube to cast.
    Again, I simply posted this information from the Spitfire page at DNFwiki.
    Small - and I mean small - changes were made to the information; to see the original details, visit the Mechanic page at DNFwiki.
    It's been said that DNFwiki is outdated; this was posted to simply give you an idea and information.
    Thanks for reading (if you were)!

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