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    Mimi's failure at cooking.

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    Mimi's failure at cooking. Empty Mimi's failure at cooking.

    Post by Konishi on 6/10/2009, 10:27 am

    So... alone at home today, maid taking a vacation and I'm stuck making my own food.
    So I decided to search out something in the freezer, and I found a package of ground chicken meat.
    I like chicken, so I unpack it, but it's a frozen block of strings. So... microwave while I turn on the kitchen range
    and take out a saucepan and fill it with oil.
    After the meat unufroze, I put it in the oil for frying. THEN for some reason, I saw a package of flour in one of the closets.
    I found myself attracted towards it, and in the end I decided to pour some flour along with spices and shrimp cookies.
    After around 2 minutes of humming and waving around with my spoon, I noticed something strange.
    The oil was gone, and instead I got this giant ball of meat mixed with white shrimp cookies.
    >_< I tasted it and... it was very oily, too oily. Way too oily. I poked it, and drops of oil fell out from it.
    So... I decided I couldn't eat that, too fatty, so then I put the ball in a bowl, filled it with water.
    That didn't work, because fat is non polar while water is polar, so I decided to remove the oil by soap.
    That worked a bit, but now the meat tasted soapy, and it was still very oily.
    So then I put it on a grill, and then pushes the ball through it many times untill most of the liquid was gone.
    But then again this thing is probably bad for my health... so no dinner for me today T_T

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