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    Boss guide

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    Boss guide Empty Boss guide

    Post by Konishi on 3/10/2009, 7:11 am

    First stage: (Lorien forest?)
    Boss: Goblin stone thrower
    Attacks and how to dodge:
    Throwing a stone, walk up or down the y axis to avoid.

    2nd stage: Lorien hollow
    Boss: Tau warrior
    Attacks and how to dodge:
    Axe chop: Readies his axe for a chop, and then chops down, avoid by going up or down, or by avoid it totally on the x axis.
    Gore rush: He lower his head, and then waits a moment before he rushes forward a tiny bit. Avoid by going up or down or going behind him.
    Note: The boss got superarmour, so don't expect to hitstun it all the time.

    3rd stage: Mirkwood
    Boss: Tau beast
    Growl: Hitstuns you for around 1 second, doesn't damage. Just avoid him to avoid.
    Stronger growl: Stuns you, still doesn't do damage. Again just avoid him to avoid.
    Smash: Charges up his fists over his head just to pound them into the ground a long while later. Causes a shockwave that pushes you back, but
    you won't take damage unless you contacted the fists themselves. Avoid by walk behind him or simply not be near the fists.
    Just go behind him to get some easy backhits, and repeat when he turns around to charge up again.
    Note: This boss got superarmour so don't expect to hitstun him a lot.

    4th stage: Mirkwood hollow
    Boss: Kurogaru
    Double swipe: Slashes 2 times very fast in front of him, no noticeable chargeup so it's kind of dangerous, just avoid being right in front of him.
    Leap slash: He charges up, and then jumps into the air towards you to slash you to pieces. Avoid by canceling his chargeup or just not being near him.

    5th stage: Thunderland
    Boss: Albino goblin (I forgot his name)
    Summon thunder: a yellow mark will appear below you right before the bolt strikes down, avoid it by not standing at the yellow circle.
    His attacks are all different patterns of thunder, except for his sword slash if you're directly in front of him.
    Note: he will summon thunder around himself if you knock him down, so don't stand over him waiting.

    6th stage: Poison thunderland
    Boss: Penril
    Similar to kurogaru except that his leap will latch itself onto you and bite, shake him off by spamming buttons.
    Note: Penril will summon a poison cloud around himself from time to time, so if you melee him you will probably get poisoned at some point.

    7th stage: Mirkwood frost
    Boss: Kereha of Blizzard
    Summon ice: a yellow circle will appear under you, and after a while ice shards will fall down on that point. The ice shards stick to the ground
    so avoid walking on them as you will take damage and possibly freeze. Again avoid by not standing on the circles.
    Staff swipe: Kereha will spin her staff and then lunge for a strike. Avoid by going up or down as trying to escape this by x axis is bad.
    Note: Her wakeup attack will often be staff swipe so don't always stand near her while she's downed.

    8th stage: Grakaraq
    Boss: Tau king Shauta
    Axe chop: Same as tau warriors except with less chargeup. Avoid by going up or down preferably.
    Axe smash: Same as axe chop, just with longer chargeup, causes an earthquake when it hits the ground. Avoid by being
    quite far away, or by jumping into the air when he swings his axe down.
    Gore rush: He will lower his head, and then charge up before he rushes very far to gore you. Avoid by going up or down,
    or if you got time, behind him. Never run away from him in x axist as he will just rush over you.
    Note: This boss got a lot of superarmour moves, so hit when you have the chance rather than trying to lock him down.

    9th stage: Blazing Grakaraq
    Boss: Blazing Binoche
    Summon meteor: A ring will appear under you and after a while, a meteor will come dropping down from the side Binoche attacks. Avoid by going up,
    down or away from Binoche as going towards her to avoid the ring will deliver a meteor into your face.
    Staff swipe: Similar to Kereha.
    Dual meteor: She floats into the air, and then summons 2 meteors very close to her. Dangerous to be near because the meteors come from both directions. Just avoid being on the same lane as any of the meteors.
    Note: Same deal with Kereha.

    10th stage: Shadow thunderland
    Boss: Ghoulgish
    Hug: hugs onto you and eats you, avoid being right in front of him.
    Slap: slaps you, again don't be in front of him.
    Frost aura: This is a permanent passive move, it will cause you to take damage whenever you stay at the ground for too long near him.
    The range is a whole screen, so jump around a lot when you fight him. If you stay at the ground for too long, you will get frost damaged
    with potential frozen solid state.
    Note: He's noticeably faster than any other zombie, so it's easy to pull him away from the hollow eyes that accompany him.
    11th stage: Dragonoid nest

    Boss: Laukilus
    Spear thrust: He will lunge forward with his spear, it's quite a fast attack and hard to avoid by x axis. Avoid by going up or down.
    Electricity aura: He will summon a blue orb that sourrounds him completely. This attack got both x and y axis range, so the only way to avoid
    it is to be away from him. Also don't attack him with melee moves during this unless you're long range melee.
    Cage: He will summon a cage right over you. You will see the shadow of it falling down. If you're caught inside, hit the cage 3 times to break it.
    if you stay inside, Laukilus will charge up his spear in front of the cage, and then deal very high damage to you. This is a dangerous situation,
    so don't get caught into the cage. Cages will break if nobody's caged in.
    Mirror duplication: At half/or lower hp, Laukilus will split himself into two. They both have similar moves, but the fake Laukilus
    doesn't summon elec aura at wakeup all the time, and he doesn't hp regen as the real boss do.
    Note: Laukilus will always summon electricity aura at wakeup so either you can take advantage of that, or die by trying to attack him during wakeup.
    Laukilus will also block melee moves with his shield while waiting for an opening to use spear thrust or lightning aura.

    12th stage: Puppet museum
    Boss: Master Dogri
    Summon bomb pillar: Summons a red pillar at a yellow marker. Unlike previous attacks this is either random or aimed at where you are going.
    This attack got quite an area of effect, so avoid this pillar. Also dogri summons this bloody fast compared to the other puppeteers in the stage,
    so don't think he won't spam another one right after you avoided his first one.
    Stone slap: he will summon a fist of stone in front of him with a small range, it's fairly quick. Just avoid being right in front of him when he attacks.
    Marionette: He will confuse you by "manipulating" you like a puppet. Your controlls will randomlmy correct or inverse themselves while he
    gradually drains your hp with this move. This move is unavoidable! So either you can take advantage and dish as much damage
    to him while he manipulates you, or cancel him out totally by using a grab move (he got superarmour while doing this)

    13th stage: Golem... (something)
    Boss: Golem... king? (Big yellow golem)
    Pound: he pounds in front of him, just avoid by not being in front of him.
    Stronger pound: charges up slowlier, but more deadly.
    Rage: He pounds fast and furious while running forward like berserk, avoid by not being on the same lane aka walk up or down.
    He charges up a bit, but it's a fairly quick charge so be prepared.
    Stone pillar summon: Summons a line of yellow markers that will burst into stone pillars similar to those of puppeteers.
    Note: What do you think? He's made of stone, what's the reason to not have superarmour?

    14th stage: Vestibule of darkness
    Boss: Heaven expeller
    Charge: lunges his sword forward while gliding forward as well. He's incredibly quick in this attack, so if you see his charge up, avoid being on the same
    lane unless you want to be pierced to heavens.
    Slash: This move is dangerous in that it got no chargeup whatosever and that it got superarmour. Avoid this by not being near him or slightly over him.
    Lightning summon: He will summon either a line, a V shape or \|/ lightning against you. The yellow markers on the ground indicate that.
    Avoid the first one by going slightly up or down. Avoid the second one by moving away from him on the x axis (don't go up or down)
    avoid the third one by going slightly a bit up or down while running away from him on the x axis.
    Note: He shields just as Laukilus, but he's probably much more dangerous because of his no charge time slash attack and his overall
    superarmour ability. He's also very dangerous on the x axis due to his charge attack.
    His AI is a bit stupid though, so if you hit him while on the same lane, you can walk a bit up (just a tiny bit) and he will think you're still on the same lane.
    By doing that, you can avoid all his attacks except v or \|/ shaped lightning where you actually have to do something. However, it also means you can't attack
    him without skills or attacks that also hits a considerable amount of y axis.

    Stage 15: Floating castle
    Boss: Evil eyes
    Eye laser: A red beam will slice through the screen right before one of the eyes will fire a master spark type laser. Avoid by going up a lot or down a lot.
    Mini eye lasers: Summon either 1, or several eyes under you that shoots laser. There will be a yellow marking as always so avoid by not standing there
    like like a statue.
    Eye spread: Shoots 5 eyes in an arc. I've never been hit by this before due to its poor hitbox and monotone pattern.
    Boom: Yeah well... the bosses are buildings, so to prevent melee, they charge up for a tiny bit, and then release a mini shockwave that pushes you
    so far that you actually end up near the other eye. It also does a bit of damage.
    Note: The bosses are building types and only goes up or down on each side of the stage. They have no melee attacks so just avoid their boom attack.
    Take out all tin soldiers and legions before attacking the eyes themselves, as they're very easy to take down once the mobs are gone.

    16th Stage: Castalleans chamber
    Boss: Light castallean Sieghart.
    Beam sword slash: He will charge up a bit with superarmour, and then slash forward with his sword. Avoid by going up, away or down, but preferably
    y axis evasion. This attack got quite a hitbox though, so it's better to be behind or far away when he attacks.
    Light burst: He will charge himself up before he releases a wave of light around himself. It got short range but hits considerably on both x and y axis.
    this is his main anti melee attack so don't be near him at all when he charges this up.
    Light beam: He will hold his arm foward, and then charge up before firing a thick laser in front of him. The laser got quite an y axis range, and
    of course infinite x axis range, so avoid by going far up or down. Behind also works.
    Thunderstorm: He will float into the air and then summon a huge number of lightning bolts around him. Avoid by not being near him at all.
    Note: Permanent semi-superarmour! You can't down this guy at all, and attacks will only flinch him a tiny bit. Also light based damages barely
    damages him due to his light nature.

    17th stage: Outer temple walls
    Boss: Archbishop of GBS and High priest of GBS
    Attacks: ... they're pitiful bosses, I haven't been hit by them yet so I have yet to see the effects of their attacks. They seem to have the same
    stabbing attack as all the other zealots though.
    Note: The archbishop (the white one) is light based and the High priest (the black one) is dark based. Archbishop takes heavier
    damage from dark types while ressisting light types while vice verca with the High priest.
    Also they have no superarmour as far as I can see so those are pitiful bosses for lv 27 and upwards.
    Note: Archbishop summons lightningbolts if he can hit you with his knife... whom should never happend.
    18th stage: Dendril forest
    Boss: Lodin Glow
    Attacks: Wack: He just slams his... tree hand at you, it got a large z axis coverage so you can't avoid by jumping. Also he got superarmour while using this.
    Root: He will periodically summon a root that pierces you from underground. Just look out for a yellow circle under your feet and avoid it by backstepping or walking away.
    Fire: Lodin Glow really does glow, he will randomly summon fires under himself if he's attacked, so don't be too melee loving.
    Mode change rooted: He roots himself, opening for new attacks.
    (rooted) Root line: He summons a line of roots that stabs at you, avoid it by going up or down, if you're hit the attack combos into itself, so it's quite damaging.
    (rooted) Pollen: Spits out pollen around himself that blinds if they hit.
    Note: Lodin can't be downed, but he can be hitstunned. However, his root attack can activate no matter what condition he's in. If he's hit by fire type attack, he will always summon the fire field around himself. To uproot him so he can't use root line, walk behind him obviously enough.
    The best way to beat lodin is to keep him at a medium distance so he can't fire you or hit you with melee as he lacks fast ranged attacks.
    19th stage: Purgatorium
    Boss: Master hunter
    Attacks: Gliding slash: Superarmour at activation, both y and x axis, glides towards you... evil attack if you're close melee type char. Avoid by not being
    TOO near him.
    Acid spit: He charges up with superarmour and spits. If it hits you, it will probably poison you for around 200-300ish damage. He can also charge up for a longer time, but then he will spit 3 ways, up down and forward, so avoid it by going behind or far away.
    Leaping ground pound: He will leap up, then fall down creating a shockwave that damages. Avoid by not being near him as he got superarmour on this move too.
    Note: This thing got a bug, after a leap, he will often stick with a superarmour even when the attack finished, so in order to remove that otherwise permanent superarmour, you have to wait untill he uses spit or claw.
    Also his wakeup attack is not the same as the shockwave of other bosses. It's a huge area of effect similar to the level up pushaway.
    As far as I know, you have to be a screen away to avoid it, but it hits only 1 damage so it doesn't matter too much, but for
    getting kings road it's a pain. (more hits = lower score)

    20th Stage: Silver nights
    Boss: Dondriar EX
    Attacks: Gattling gun: It shoots a stream of bullets on a \ angle downwards. If you're hit, the rest of the bullets will likely hit as well. It does low damage,
    but heck 50 of those bullets doesn't do low damage. Besides, it looks nasty on your score when it suddenly races past 100.
    Gattling spray: Same as above, just spraying it in a U pattern under it. Both of the attacks are avoided by not being in the line of fire. You can cancel
    his spray by jump attacking him, but if you miss, you're in a chain of hurt.
    Crash dive: It crashes down with superarmour, and then waits a bit before it rushes forward trying to ram you. This is a good moment to get a free hit in.
    This attack got almost no y axis and the boss is rather large, so pound it with your y axis attacks or go behind... or poke it before it starts to rush forward.
    Summon GBL zealot: Self explainatory. Cancel by attacking Dondriar.
    Note: Dondriar EX flies... that means you can't melee attack it unless you jump attack or have a high z axis melee attack. This along with
    hp regen makes dondriar one of the most boring bosses I've seen. There's a geyser on the stage that you can hit 6 times to either make
    the Behemoth fly up, or down. So... either you can lower the sense of gravity (higher jump and slower fall) or strenghten it (everybody falls faster)
    on the latter condition Dondriar Falls to the ground and drives there, that's the moment to dish as much damage as possible before the Behemoth
    stops going upwards.
    Note: Airships can't be downed, and you can't hide inside Dondriar EX as his crash landing is very fast on activation and will probably crush you.

    Stage 21: First spine
    Boss: ... big squid (who remembers the name anyway) Hetakos whatever
    Attacks: Suck: He jumps and sucks you... and blinds you sometimes.
    Spin: He spins while jumping while swinging his arms at you.
    Megaspin!: Oh noez >_> This attack, it activates with superarmour, and once the superarmour is gone, he will spin around the stage like crazy
    bouncing from walls etc. If you're caught by this attack, it's possible that he can juggle you to death, so it's really dangerous. On the stage
    there's a middle section with a wall, you're safe as long as you're on the opposite side of the wall. Also if you hit him while he's spinning around, you will
    cancel the attack, but most of the time I would say he cancels you rather than you cancel him.
    Black mist: I hate this. It's a dot that he summons around himself after you knock him down, and it kind of eats 200+ damage. Simply don't be near him when he's downed.
    Squids!: He summons tonns of squids to aid him in battle... try to ignore them if you can as they're infininte and won't give exp.
    Note: He's HUGE! Attack him a bit over his leg, that's where the real hitbox is. So in sense he covers around 1/4 of the screen.
    Stage 22: The second spine
    Boss: Gangling Lotus.
    Attacks: Here he is, the last boss... of Behemoth... and he's a wall filled with a squid...
    Tentacle grab: He hides inside his statue, then send one of his arms after you to grapple you. Spam buttons to free yourself. Avoid it by moving >_>
    Tentacle whip: He will use one of his 4 tentacles to whip forward at their respective areas. Just do'nt be on their lane when you see them charge up.
    Very easy to avoid.
    Tentacle swipe: He will merge all 4 tentacles and swipe the whole front of himself. To avoid this, notice when he raises ALL 4 tentacles, that's the point where you backstep and run away.
    Rocks: Boom boom, he will summon rocks that falls down, and occosionally there will be a squidie as a guest. Just avoid the yellow circle as always.
    Tentacle stab: He falls back into his statue, and instead of grabbing, he will try to stab you from above several times. Just avoid the yellow circles.
    Tentacle drive?: He falls back (again) and then summon a giant tentacle that swipes over the whole stage. It's the same as those
    when you break pots, so you should know how to avoid it... simiply don't be in its way.
    Note: He's a WALL! You attack the WALL! He's even easier to hit than the almost non moving evil eyes of sky tower. You can hit
    him everywhere on the wall... at least almost. He got permanent superarmour and won't get hitstunned, but that doesn't matter considering
    his attacks are very easy to avoid (just know when to avoid tentacle swipe and whip). Also it means he won't have a wakeup =
    you can spam attack him to death easily. I would classify lotus as one of the easier bosses of Behemoth.

    Stage 23: GBL Arad branch
    Boss: Isadora
    Comment: This is the hardest boss I've faced so far, I'm serious. This hybrid summoner is an aoe pain.
    Attacks: Flash uppercut: The same attack as a mage, just with cool afterimage AND status inflict AND sending 2 dark chasers after you.
    Imagine the pain + the fact this move is extremely fast and covers a good deal of area.
    Wack: Wacks with her wand... and causes status effect. Freeze = you're pretty much doomed if you're unlucky.
    Summon megaflare: Starts casting with superarmour, and then a firepillarish circle will appear under you. Then a megahuge
    ball of fire will start falling from the sky dealing very high damage if you're near it. This thing is huge! It covers more than a quarter of the screen and
    it's slow moving, not to mention Isadoras room is small compared to most boss rooms.
    Summon spirits: She will summon ice or lightning spirits, and nonono not average ones, they're buffed ones! Those things deal quite high
    damage despite the fact they're summoned enemies, + the fact frost spirits will make the stage a pain for you to walk on, and light spirits will
    give you a shock/stun to your back if they're between you and Isadora (getting a hint why she's a pain?)
    Spirit explosion: She will charge up for a moment, and then she casts a spell that blows every single spirit up. Light spirits turn into
    a lightning cloud for around 1 second while ice spirits turns into a big blob of water that crashes down onto the ground.
    If you don't do a good job gathering the spirits and preventing them from spreading too much on the stage, you will probably
    end up like me spending a token because the whole stage gets bombarded by lightning and water.
    Phase: Isadora is very hard to combo because she's a summoner type, and hence she got the allmighty phase! If you try to hit her,
    she will randomly phase away depending on her "mood"? So you can't really infinite combo her or something like that.
    Note: She also got Library sweeper (a miniboss witch) and GBL Golem (golem king like enemy, just smaller and with shockwaves)
    accompanying her while you battle her. I STRONGLY advise clearing the map of enemies before battling Isadora herself.
    Both the sweeeper and golem will interrupt you all the time otherwise, not to mention the corrupted zealots.
    Isadora isn't a melee boss either, so she will always try to zone you out by moving zigzag up and down, also she's superarmoured while
    she cast spells, so you can't prevent her stage breaking magic spells unless you grab her. Her hitbox is that of a normal zealot, but she's a lot faster
    not to mention she will use flash uppercut at you if you're on the same lane, hence she's the biggest pain of a boss I've seen so far.
    Also she got very high hp... took extremely long time to beat her to some extent.

    Stage 24: GBL Laboratory
    Boss: Hydra...thing
    Comment: Yet to be investigated... but seems like a pain, but not as much as Isadora.

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    Boss guide Empty Re: Boss guide

    Post by Franitz on 3/10/2009, 3:28 pm

    Very nicely done, I didn't know that enemies had elemental resistances and weaknesses to certain elements so that's good to know. And also it'll be nice when people ask me "Derp I dunno why I keep taking damage while fighting Goulgish" I can just refer them to this Boss guide Icon_tongue
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    Boss guide Empty Re: Boss guide

    Post by Konishi on 22/10/2009, 5:25 pm

    Updated with new bosses!

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    Boss guide Empty Re: Boss guide

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