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    Fighter Skill Guide (From level 1 to 18)


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    Fighter Skill Guide (From level 1 to 18) Empty Fighter Skill Guide (From level 1 to 18)

    Post by Aura on 20/7/2009, 4:59 pm

    This is like the other guide this is for lvling up from 1 to 18. when u get ur job the skills are diffrent

    Suplex [+5]:
    On This Attack you Grab your opponent then slam them really hard to the ground backward causing a miniquake hurting both the opponent grabbed and foes around the slammed opponent

    Hammer Kick [+4]:
    This Attack Kicks you opponent really Quick and hard that it shows a blue pattern around you foot,and pushes opponent back.

    Low Kick [+5]:
    This attack is used to kick your opponent when they are lying on the ground ,and this skill recharges fastest of all fighter attacks

    Dash After Dash [+1]:
    This is a chain to -> -> X , which can be use by pressing x after -> -> x doing good damage because it hits your opponents' pressure point.

    Aerial Stamp [+2] :
    This is a aerial attack which can be perform using jump z and can do a extra kick by pressing z after.which can follow by another kick by pressing x. so its a 3 kick combo.

    Sand Throw [+1] :
    This attack lets you character throw a pile of sand in front,which can do damage to your opponent but also can blind them

    Earth Break [+2] :
    This attack Lets you character jump and push the floor in front which does a lot of damage can be seen because it shows the ground crack

    Back Step [+1]:
    This skill allows you to jump back dodging your opponents' attack and be in range to attack them.

    Cancel-Back Step [+1]
    This is a passive which enables you to use back step during an attack which makes it faster to dodge your opponent

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