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    Mage/elementalist skills.

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    Mage/elementalist skills. Empty Mage/elementalist skills.

    Post by Konishi on 29/9/2009, 12:44 pm

    Elemental skills:

    Latern firebomb: First fire spell and it's aoe based, the hitbox is medium
    so it does cover quite a bit. The aoe is barely noticable at lower levels and it would make better sense to use magic missile to lv up to 18.
    In pvp this spell is kind of bad as it's easy to dodge.
    Can also be shot while jumping with the aerial lantern passive skill,
    but can't be charged, and hence a mana waste in pve situations.

    Florae circle:
    Good defense against mobs that doesn't have super armour.
    For example it will stop lugarus/kurogarus/expellers etc from reaching you.
    It's also an excellent boss killer as if all 3 balls hit, it has the highest
    damage output/cooldown beating my firepillar/sun burst or any other spell
    I have so far. Due to its non aoe nature, it's good vs 1 mobs at a time,
    or just to drop down while running from a crowd.
    Also it deals light based damage and should be dealing bonus damage
    to dark type (deamon and undead etc). (It sucks against Castalean though)

    Frosty's head:
    Frost based attack. The hitbox is way smaller than latern firebomb and it bounces rather slowly. Also it doesn't have quite the range. Charged up however, this skill homes to the nearest enemy to some extent (but the homing system is messed up). By pressing up while shooting the frosty head, it will fire off much higher and could hit flying witches in pvp situations.
    It's damage output is bad compared to other elements though, but fully charged it gains aoe but only if it hits an enemy (aka it won't blow if it hits the wall)

    Dark kitty. Deals dual damage as the cat leaps forward and then leaps back to you. At lower levels the magic missile still outdamages the kitty due to kitty's long charge time. The skill pierces no matter what though, so if the enemy walks in a line, this would be the "aoe" spell to use.
    Also it goes through walls so you can use it while in cover.

    Magic festival:
    For every 30 second, you can cast this buff for 20 seconds. it basically reduces
    max charge time and spell speed in general, but it does it rather vaguely at a
    mini boost of 5%. Also it requires you to have all 4 elements (all the spells mentioned above) at least lv 1, so you have to split up your focus.

    Elemental burn:
    I have no experience from this buff, but out from the description I can conclude something.
    Because it requires lv 5 of each of the spells mentioned above excluding festival, it will stretch your build far, so unless you want to use all 4 elements at a weaker power, I do not recommend this. Also the buff duration is 60 seconds (quite long)
    and the recharge time to cast is ALSO 60 seconds, so it's sort of like a permanent thing. However, as the buff is activated by what kind of spells you use you have to use all 4 elements quickly in succesion for the buff to have any good boost, so it's maybe not worth it unless you're quick, and I don't
    see the use in PVE unless this is high leveled.

    Memorize: Passive skill that reduces casting time and max charge time. Quite usefull as it's passive unlike elemental festival.

    Mobile cast: VERY usefull depending on the situation. If you're a klutz like me, you will often find yourself in the position where your aim is either a little bit off, or you face the wrong direction. Keeping this skill at lv 1 gets rid of those two problems. The movement speed boost on lv 2 and onwards isn't worth it though considering it's not really usefull for walking around with a charged spell (due to your incredible snail speed while moving with this skill)

    Fire pillar:
    Oh I like this spell. you can cast this very far, very near, basically anywhere you see on the screen if you can aim. It's damage output is quite high, higher than a fully charged fire lantern, and the most important aspect is that it launches the enemy skyhigh. The area of effect is quite large too, but remember that the hitbox is ON the ring and above it, and the sky above it. That means anyone under the ring hitbox won't be affected so it's actually better to aim the ring under the enemy rather than on them. Also the ring lies, the range goes a bit farther than the ring itself. This is a witch killer if you see them waving their broom in the air somewhere as it got infinite y axis range. Also
    this is a very good setup skill due to its high launch.
    (I like to suicide pillar, basically just aim the pillar on myself, works against melee chars without super armour so... yeah, good against aggressive people)

    Sun burst:
    Light based spell that got very limited range, but great coverage. Among the 2nd tier elementalist spells this one got the lowest cooldown of all of them at 5.5 second. The spell itself also deals considerable damage, charged it deals heavier damage than fire pillar (fire pillar can't be charged) and it knocks back enemies.
    The hitbox is basically... you and around you at around 1.5 characters lenght. it's a great defence spell against melee people or people that try to attack you from the air with melee as this thing overpowers any melee attacks (that I have seen so far). In PvE this spell is risky though, because of its short range nature you're putting your low hp at risk against mobs. Sun burst is too dangerous to use against super armour users due to your low hp and the short range of this spell.

    Ice wall:
    An healthier alternative to sun burst. It raises a huge ring of ice around you that
    blocks enemy projectiles and slow any enemies that touches the ring. Not only that, but during activation this skill damages and most importantly, pushes the enemy far away and due to the walls nature, you can't be harmed by indirect coutnerattack and direct attack because the walls will absorb it. This skill got a huge cooldown though so use it sparingly, also the activation of this spell is considerably slower than sunburst so don't expect to use this to protect yourself the moment you see a flykick comming in.

    The void:
    I don't have this spell so I will base this from videos and descriptions.
    This spell seems usefull for pvp in the sense that it works as pressure.
    The voids move very slowly and lasts for quite a bit so you can probably use them to make certain fields inaccessible for enemies. This spell deals damage every 0.5 sec it touches enemies, so in pve situations I can definedly see its worth against crowds, but again this skill is dark based, and we know most pve monsters are dark based (ressistance against dark).

    I'm only lv 25 so I don't have any more from here.

    Battlemage skills:
    Weapon uppercut: decent coverage and can hit enemies on the ground (unlike so many other spells) but yeah unless you're battlemage I can't see how this can be used for anything other than to launch enemies into the air so they fall to the ground.

    Dragon Fang:
    Good skill. It got a long range and it's fairly fast, according to the descriptions
    it's supposed to stun, but I haven't seen that yet so I can't confirm it.
    Nontheless, this skill again won't deal any considerable damage unless you're
    a battlemage or witch I suppose.

    Mana shield:
    important to have as it increases your survivabilitiy more than 25% (quite a lot in other words) at the cost of mana, but as you're the mana heavy mage, a little mana loss won't hurt you as much as hp loss.

    Phase shift: Must have, if you're stuck, phase out of it, you can't risk taking so much damage in a chain attack. Without this skill you'd get locked down as your melee/counter attacks are way too slow. (if you're a magic staff user).
    Not to mention this skill also leaves a voodoo doll behind that you can grab for a buff. You dodge enemy combos, you get to safety and you get a considerable buff too, need I say more for this 20 sp skill?

    Palm blast: No experience with this skill, sorry, but it got 200-300% dmg output
    so basically it can be twice as strong as dragon fang, not bad and it also pushes enemies back.

    Cheeky doll shururu:
    It pulls, it pulls, and due to enemys stupidity, they don't really know how to really aim on this tiny thing. It basically drags enemies into its ring so the monsters attack shururu instead, but as far as I see, most mobs either miss or can't align themselves to attack so this together with pluto or lantern could blow a swarm away.
    Magic missile:
    Great for pre 18 leveling. It deals medium damage, low cooldown and low charge time not to mention you can control its direction.
    Also it can pierce, but at 80% chance so it might end up hitting only 1 enemy when you want to hit many.
    Nontheless this is a good skill.
    Ancient library:
    This skill at lv 5 means you barely need to use mana pots again. With the potion shortage on DFO this would be a must skill as you're
    pretty much useless without mana. This skill basically refills your mana.

    Disenchant: I have yet to test this spell out, but as far as I see it now it's totally useless for pvp as you're asking for a beating if you're trying to dispell buffs on a monk or something like that.

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