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    Gunner Information

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    Gunner Information Empty Gunner Information

    Post by Brentt on 19/7/2009, 8:08 pm

    Since I like Gunners a lot, I'd thought I would post here the Gunner page from DNFwiki.
    Here it is:

    Basic Gunner Info

    Weapons of Choice: Autogun, Crossbow, Hand Casson, Revolver, Musket
    Armor Mastery: Leather
    Physical/Magical Damage: More physical than magical
    Ranged/Close Quarters: Ranged
    Specialty Elements: Fire slightly, light sightly
    Party Support: None
    Class Trainer: Kiri


    Ranger is a stylish sort of gunner, specializing in using revolvers. They specialize in critical hits and quick attacks using both their gun and their kicks. They can acquire the title Desperado at level 48. The ultimate skill of the Ranger, "Scud Genocide," is visually impressive, as they lift the enemy into the air and fire so rapidly that they juggle the enemy in mid-air with only their bullets.

    Launcher is a heavy weapon specialist. They use Gatling guns, flame throwers, missiles, laser rifles and Steyr sniper rifles, dealing massive area damage to enemies. They can acquire the title Blaster at level 48. They use a special satellite to attack enemies, and can call for the satellite to rain down a massive energy beam which follows enemies around.

    Mechanic uses robots to do their bidding. They don't do much themselves, but can summon a veritable army of robots to destroy their master's opponents. They can acquire the title Meister at level 48. The Meister can summon the robot known as "Geybolg," which involves opening a portal and having the gigantic robot throw a huge straight punch (similar to Jin's "Bloodia Punch" in Marvel vs. Capcom)

    Spitfire specilize in infusing various elements into bullets and grenades to deal damage over large areas and inflict status effects. They can acquire the title General at level 48. They summon the special assault squad 'Black Rose' to support them.


    Repeater A.K.A "The Smg" is the weapon used mostly by Spitfire and Mechanic. Fast weapon that raises your magical attack by most considering all the gunner weapons. Downside is low physical damage. Low penetration.

    Bowgun A.K.A "The Bow" is the weapon used mostly by Spitfire. Fires an extra "bullet" compared to other weapons in combo. Fast weapon with average physical damage and high magical damage. Downside is that it won't provide an extra enchanted bullet for Spitfire just an extra physical shot. Medium penetration.

    Musket A.K.A "The Shotgun" is the weapon used mostly by Spitfire. Fires slow and has weak magical damage. High penetration chance and heavy physical damage make up for these.

    Launcher A.K.A "Bazooka" is the weapon used by Launcher. Fires very slow and has weak magical damage. 100% penetration and strongest physical damage make this a great tool for the mentioned class.

    Revolver A.K.A "Six Shooter" is the weapon used by Ranger. Average in all departments, mainly used by rangers due to the effective skills they combine with these weapons.

    Gunner Common Skills

    These skills are common to all Gunners and all Gunner subclasses.

    Jack Spike:
    Performs a knee kick, knocking the enemy into the air.

    Rising Shot:
    Similar function to Jack-Spike, but with a gunshot/arm movement instead of a kick, and with not as much lift. The lifting strength of Rising Shot raises as its rank is increased. Assuming they can be knocked down, standing enemies hit by Rising Shot will be knocked in the air, regardless of their size or the rank of Rising Shot.

    Similar to the popular B-boy move "windmill." Using this will make the Gunner spin around on the ground, his legs spinning in a windmill-like fashion, hitting enemies all around him 1~2times.

    Rising Windmill:
    Allows the Gunner to use Windmill immediately after striking an enemy with his floor sweep dashing attack.

    Mach Kick:
    A stronger basic leg attack used to knockback enemies that get too close. The leg is seen as a horizontal blur due to the speed and force of the kick, henceforth earning this skill's name. There is a small chance to stun knockbacked enemies, with this chance increasing with each level of the skill.

    An extreme "aerial combo starter." This is essentially a Jack-Spike that sends the enemy higher up in the air. In midair, the Gunner aims a heavy M-137 Gatling Gun at the enemy and lets go a barrage. Before executing the skill, the gunner can be heard saying in a low, gruff grunt: "Barbecue." Gunners performing Barbecue are invincible until it ends. Requires level 5 in Jack Spike and level 1 in M-137 Gatling Gun.

    Robot RX-78 LandRunner:
    Releases a wind-up, timed, walking toy robot that follows the enemy slowly and explodes at the end of its time limit or when it's close enough to "hug" an enemy. RX-78 LandRunner will not detonate if it's close enough to an enemy but the enemy is knocked down.

    Silver Bullet:
    Laces the Gunner's next seven bullets with light element. Bullets of the gunner will have stronger damage, and even more additional damage to Dark element monsters. Only affects physical attacks in which the Gunner's actual weapon is shot. Sub-weapon skills like M-137 Gatling Gun and M-3 Flamethrower are not affected by Silver Bullet. Does not expire as time passes. Silver bullet cannot be stacked with other bullet elements like those given to the Spitfire class.

    M-137 Gatling Gun:
    Gatling Gun that fires more bullets if the player hits the fire button rapidly. 7~11 bullets are fired in one cast. The bullets can be fired horizontally (default state) but the player may aim upward once the Gatling Gun has started shooting. Horizontally fired bullets have a near indefinite range. Unlike Barbecue, Gunners are vulnerable to any type of attack while using M-137 Gatling Gun.

    The Gunner uses his foot to push down an enemy to the ground, making a small shock wave that also deals damage to adjacent enemies. The Gunner shoots five times before Punisher ends. The Silver Bullet skill will take effect while using Punisher.

    Aerial Shooting:
    When this skill is active, the gunner will be able to resist the shot recoils when he is firing while jumping, as well as be able to fire two to three times more bullets (depending on the Aerial Shooting rank) before he lands.

    G-14 Fragmentation Grenade:
    The Gunner flings a grenade in front of him, and it explodes in fumes, dealing non-elemental magic damage. The player can further aim the grenade by pressing up and down while casting. Casting G-14 Fragmentation Grenade once will prime a round of seven grenades for throwing; the following seven casts will toss grenades, then another round of grenades will need to be primed again.

    M-3 Flamethrower:
    The gunner uses a wide-array flamethrower that can spew flames dealing fire elemental magic damage in a wide x-axis, y-axis and z-axis matrix. The fumes are not blocked by barriers, and any enemy hiding behind a barrier receives the same damage as those fully exposed. Damage is dealt every 0.3 seconds up to 22hits per activation of this skill. The M-3 will activate as long as the skill button is pressed, until the skill ends or the button is released prematurely.

    High-Angle Sliding:
    When activated, any enemies hit by the Gunner's sliding dash attack will fly high up in the air instead of simply being knocked down.

    Again, I simply posted this information from the Gunner page at DNFwiki.
    Small - and I mean small - changes were made to the information; to see the original details, visit the Gunner page at DNFwiki.
    It's been said that DNFwiki is outdated; this was posted to simply give you an idea and information.
    Thanks for reading (if you were)!

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