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    How to fight against gunners in pvp


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    How to fight against gunners in pvp Empty How to fight against gunners in pvp

    Post by PapaSmurf on 25/8/2009, 11:12 pm

    Fighting against gunner guide

    Fighting against gunners can be a painful, and overall annoying experience if you don't have a game plan going into it, I'm writing this guide with my own experience so not all of it might be accurate and if anything is incorrect please do not hesitate to correct me, by telling me either through comments or private messaging me. This guide will go through the various classes, and how to fight each one accordingly, though this is only a basic guide and should not be followed like train tracks, but simply used as a reference of what many basic classes will do.

    Under level 18 gunners.

    Ah the young guns with everything to prove, gunners at this level have
    very limited skill set, therefore general guidelines to fighting them
    would be,

    1. Never stay in the horizontal path of a gunner, because of the
    Gatling gun, or their regular bullets, doing this is a beginners
    mistake and can lead to your hp being depleted within a matter of

    2. Gunners will tend to use the windmill as their main focus of a last
    resort, so knowing this once that attack is on cool down they are very
    vulnerable to attacks, try to make them waste their windmill in a way
    that, it makes it hard for them to run after using it on you, and most
    of your skills are off of cool down so that you can pursue them and
    deplete as much of their hp as you can before they can run away.

    Fighting against launchers
    Launchers, the true heavy hitters of gunners, the ones that can rob you of half your hp in one combo, how to fight against them?

    1. Launchers are complete long range by nature, they will look to
      gain as much distance as they can from you, therefore you have to
      heavily pursue them, and attack when the opening arrives.
    2. The launchers arsenal is filled with horizontal assault weapons
      like the gat, styr rifle and laser rifle. Therefore your best bet is to
      stay away from their general range, and be careful of their bbq because
      it is a jackspike which gives super armor skill into a gatling gun
      assault, this skill leads into large combo's from experienced launchers
      and hence should be in the back of your mind while fighting.
    3. Launchers also have heavy armor mastery which means they will
      have the strongest physical defense of any gunner in the game,
      therefore try to use your most damaging skills or skills that lead into
      the biggest combo's when you get the chance.

    Fighting against spitfires
    The spitfire is the true combo master of the game, if
    you land in their trap just once, you may get all your hp depleted in
    just one shot, so what do you do?

    1. Spitfires rely on two things, their shotgun which is a wide
      spread aoe move that deals heavier damage as you get closer into it's
      hitbox, and they're various grenades.
    2. A spitfire will attempt to use their flash or freeze grenades to
      lead up into their buffed arrows, the easiest way to beat a spitfire
      simply is to dodge their grenades plain and simple, without the grenade
      hit assuming your not a moron and run into them headon, leaves you a
      alot of openings to attack them, though this can be hard to do,
      especially if they are a female mechanic because they gain the ability
      to throw nades from the air. Your best bet is to use either speed, or
      super armor skills to dodge the effects of the nade and attack them
      immediatly after.
    3. The spitfires main defense is the flash mine, this is used as a
      defensive measure by them planting this mine and waiting right beside
      it, while their skills cooldown, this skill can damage you by a fair
      amount and has the chance to stun, your best bet from avoiding this is
      simply attacking them before they have a chance to place this down, or
      using a long range attack skill if you possess it.
    4. Spitfires also posses something that many other gunners don't,
      they have much higher normal bullet power because of the magical bullet
      buffs they receive, therefore they will tend to attack you with the
      normal attack more often, because of this staying within a horizontal
      path of them close range is even more dangerous than most.

    Fighting against rangers
    The ranger is easily, the fastest and most agressive
    of any gunner class for the sole reason that majority of their skills
    are close range, therefore how do you fight such a thing?

    1. Rangers use a combination of normal bullet fire and close range
      combat skills such as windmill, strafe and western fire, many of these
      skills are buffs to his regular attack, so just like a spitfire get in
      as close as possible right? well they possess alot of close range
      skills that allow them to either stun you long enough to combo you or
      push you back for a gun combo, therefore luring the ranger is actually
      the best option.
    2. The ranger requires at least mid range to attack and always
      requires a horizontal path to attack, as all his attack are
      straightlines, therefore using wide range skills to attack him from out
      of his range is easily the best option, though if you do not posses the
      skills for this, then lure the ranger into using close range skills and
      go tick for tack, more likely than not you will win and hurt him far
      more than yourself.
    3. Be weary of attacking a ranger and staying to long, rangers have
      a skill called revenger which lets the ranger do a back and front super
      armor shot after he flinches from an attack, this can stop a combo in
      it's tracks and setup the ranger for his own combo.
    4. Lastly many of the key staples of rangers do not have super armor
      and therefore easily interruptable, just be cautious of the revenger
      and try to use a launching skill to interrupt many of there possible
      combos and u'll be fine.

    Fighting against a mechanic
    What can be said about fighting a nerd who uses
    robots to fight because he can't get a girl? well his robots are strong
    enough to mess you up real bad, so how do you fight this powerful
    fighter in nerds clothing?

    1. Mechanics are truly unique in that their main staples are wide
      ranged and therefore have no definite way to play, therefore I'll go
      over various skills of theirs and what to try to avoid rather than what
      to do.
    2. Mechanics main staple skill is the land runner, this little guy
      has a good damage potential and has homing capabilitys not to mention
      increased speed and power when used with robotics, therefore either
      destroying them or trying to avoid them all together are really your
      only options, but how are they used effectivly? The landrunners are
      used as a suicide bombing to link into a combo or into a setup, they
      deal good damage and therefore are also used when playing possom to
      slowly burn away your hp, you must avoid or destroy these at all costs.
    3. The other staple skill of the mechanic is the corona series,( no
      not the beer) the corona series is three various robots that are
      directly linked to the mechanic in terms of they don't move from the
      mechanic, the g1 corona is a skill that allows for balls of plasma to
      be shot out consistently no matter what, as in even if the mechanic is
      being juggled this robot will continue to fire plasma, this plasma has
      only a vertical reach with minimal splash damage, and a slight hitstun,
      this corona is used to link an almost infinite combo of it+mechanic
      autogun fire, this is because of the slight hitstun the plasma gives
      that allows this linkage.
    4. The g2 corona is a skill that brings 3 small robots in front of
      the mechanic, that constantly move around in a circular motion, these
      cause constant damage to anyone that is in front of the mechanic and
      therefore allows the mechanic to hurt u if ur in close enough range to
      attack him, on top of this it also shoots out 1-3 energy bolts
      depending on the amount of time you allow it to charge up, these cause
      alright damage, but allow for a decent amount of hitstun, and pushback
      to prevent getting in close, the easiest way to avoid this is simply to
      not stay in it's horizontal path, and just deal with the small constant
      damage you get from attacking close range.
    5. The g3 corona, this skill is a robot that if you are within a
      certain radius allows it to constantly attack you with lighting, this
      means that even if you are standing fairly far away from the mechanic
      in any direction you'll still take considerable constantly damage from
      this corona, the only way to fight against this one is just to either
      stay away till it dissapears or to attack and deal with the damage.
    6. The rest of the mechanics skills are installation skills which
      means they are destructible and do various things, though many of them
      are attack like a constant gatling gun like attack, or air bombings, to
      avoid these either kill the mechanic quickly, or avoid the general
      attack radius of these, most of them also blow up when their amount of
      time they can stay on the field is finished.

    Final words
    This was my first guide, so I apologize if it is not at all helpful or to manotinus if
    it is please tell me where I could improve or where I wasn't consistent
    so I can go back and update it, also if this was at all helpful please
    rep me.

    Legal rights
    No other party has the right to alter or change this
    information without my personal consent, but does have the right to
    quote it.

    Btw if anyone know's how to space out the guide without having to redo all the numbered lists, please let me know asap.


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    How to fight against gunners in pvp Empty Re: How to fight against gunners in pvp

    Post by Flair on 26/8/2009, 10:21 am

    Great work on this guide Papa Smile I'll definitely give my 2 cents once OBT starts and I start PvPing against some gunners.

    Unfortunately, the forum layout usually messes up the spacing, but other than that, it looks fine and isn't too hard to read.

    Great job!
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    How to fight against gunners in pvp Empty Re: How to fight against gunners in pvp

    Post by Konishi on 26/8/2009, 2:52 pm

    Should transfer this to the guide section as well.

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    How to fight against gunners in pvp Empty Re: How to fight against gunners in pvp

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