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    How To Level Up More Than 15 In a Day


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    How To Level Up More Than 15 In a Day Empty How To Level Up More Than 15 In a Day

    Post by Aura on 7/8/2009, 1:47 pm

    1-4 Do All The Quest Before Hedon Myre Full Map.
    Do All of The lvl 1-4 Maps Alone
    4-16 Do All The Quest That is Epic and General But No Repeatable.
    Especially The One That Have Version Of Them Such As Swifty as The Wind-1.
    There are Four Type Of These Quest given By 4 N.P.C in Hedon Myre And The East Bay.
    Slayer Skill Mentor(G.S.D), Fighter Skill Mentor (Forgot Name), Gunner Skill Mentor (Liri),And Lvl 25-30 Weapon Seller (Forgot Name).
    If You Fail One of the four Quest When You Don\'t Have Anymore Important Quest in That Map Let it Go.By Important I Mean The One That Gives You Item.Not Full Map.

    16-17 Do The Dragonoid Nest Quests.

    Now You Should Have A Done All Your Quest To The Shadow
    Thunderland By Now And Have Low Fatigues Running. Continue To Do The 4
    Type Of Quests That Have Version If You Didn\'t Lose Some. (I Lost 1 By
    That Time Its The Weapon Seller One , I Lost It at 1st Version So if
    You Manage All Of it And Have Used The Less Stress To Finish The
    Important Quest Possible I think you Might Be Lvl 18 But No Fatigue
    Left In a Day. In This Case Count The Fatigue You Have And Count The
    Mini-Map Needed For Each Time On That Map. Do Less Need Fatigue If You
    Can Still Have Fatigue After That.When You Find Out That You Will Have
    No Fatigue After This time Do Full Map
    Note: If You Can't Solo The Dungeon Then Party,Try to Do it With 2 People if You Can After Mirkwood Hollow

    Legal Rights
    This Guide is Written By Myself, If You Want To Post it Somewhere Else
    Ask Me For Permission

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