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    Guidelines for Player Versus Player and Tournaments (MUST READ)

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    Guidelines for Player Versus Player  and Tournaments (MUST READ) Empty Guidelines for Player Versus Player and Tournaments (MUST READ)

    Post by Blak Doxa on 29/7/2009, 12:49 pm

    Players of Dungeon Fighter Online:

    Generel Rules - Normal Matches:

    1. You can request matches with other members on the site.

    2. Set-up a time where the players will meet each other at the PvP Arena (Set match time according to your time-zone).

    3. If you are unable to make your to your match on time message before hand so your opponent doesn't get abandoned.

    4. If you are able to please record your matches, using the in-game recorder or fraps, so other members of the site can view your awesome skills!

    5. You can also set-up team matches as well.

    6. Only fight matches with people around your level. (You don’t have to, but I recommend it for fair matches.)

    7. Try to keep your matches with 1-2 levels above or below you.

    8. The creator of the match is allowed to create match specfic rules for the battle, but must still follow these rules.

    *Helpful Tips*

    Accessing videos: My Documents -> Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) Folder -> Videos (credit to sizumai)
    You are only able to access videos this way, ONLY if you used the in-game recorder.

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