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    Moderation Rules & Guideline (IMPORTANT)

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    Moderation Rules & Guideline (IMPORTANT)

    Post by iReject on 29/7/2009, 12:35 pm

    Any job consider the important job. And you are important to the forum. You are the role model of the forum. Any violation you accidentally make will be a severe punishment. Your punishment will be 2x worser then regular members. Take this time to study and view all the rules and guideline below. I'm counting on every one you to do a great job.

    Guideline 1: You are to help me upgrade your members or yourself pet power & hp manually. Here is how to do it. http://www.mydfo.net/news-announcement-f4/choose-your-pet-t129.htm

    Guideline 2: Any forum Moderator are allow to give your members infraction point after every 3 warnings. INFRACTION: http://www.mydfo.net/forum-policy-little-bit-of-rule-f1/infractions-warning-system-t36.htm#180. WARNING REACH: http://www.mydfo.net/private-f39/infraction-warning-t211.htm

    Rule 1: Be respectful to everyone

    Rule 2: You will not double post.

    Rule 3: You will not EDIT post from anyone but yourself, unless giving permission by members.

    Rule 4: After you had signedup for our membership and taking part in great responsibility of being a Moderator, you must ALWAY be busy and must not slack.

    Rule 5: You must alway be ACTIVES. But if a day you cannot make it, I will understand. Being actives is not being here 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. Just be here often as much as you can. We have a departure forum, just write us a an excuse note when and why you are not coming on that day.

    Rule 6: You MUST never create duplicate account. Unless authorize to do so.

    Rule 7: You M Alway use MUST never misuse your english. Alway use proper english; no cussing, nor slanging

    Rule 8: Keep your category forum organize!

    Rule 9: Never cause a FLAME period.

    Rule 10: Try your best to ANSWER any post even if you don't know the question. This might boost up your Repution points.

    Rule 11: Never EDIT power, HP of your pet nor anyone pet unless the person (you/member) reach the right point for a pet to upgrade.

    Rule 12: Read this again. And must never skip Rule #12. (I have no idea when you are allow to stop but keep on reading and repeat)


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    Re: Moderation Rules & Guideline (IMPORTANT)

    Post by Fuzzy on 29/7/2009, 9:28 pm

    Rule 1: Be respectful to everyone.

    Rule 2: Do not double post.

    Rule 3: Do not edit posts unless it is in violation of the rules. Also, do not edit HP/Power unless the requirements are met.

    Rule 4: You must do your job and not slack and let rule breakers run rampant.

    Rule 5: You should be active.

    Rule 6: One account per person unless allowed by an Admin.

    Rule 7: You should use proper English, avoid cussing and slang/chat speak.

    Rule 8: Do not instigate or flame.

    Rule 9: Try your best to answer any questions, even if you are a little unsure.

    Meh, these seem a little more like General rules as opposed to Moderator rules... Anyway, I fixed up what you had so its a little more clear and proper. Fluff in a rule just leads to possible conflicts down the road.

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